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Below is a list of warbirds that my pilots will fit.

Top Flite Giant Scale Warbirds:  P-51D Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, Corsair, P-40 Warhawk, FW-190, and Spitfire

Aeroworks:  Giant P-51D Mustang

ESM/KMP Warbirds:  These pilots will fit the entire line of warbirds that ESM/KMP Produce.  They will fit the 1/6th and new 80+ inch 1/5th scale planes perfectly.

Dave Platt kits:  All Dave Platt 1/5th and 1/6th scale warbirds.

Hangar 9:  76 P-51D Mustang, 80 P-51D Mustang, 80 P-47 Thunderbolt

CMP Warbirds:  These pilots will fit all CMP Warbirds from 70 wingspan on up to 90 wingspan

Pica kits:  All 1/6th and 1/5th scale Pica Warbirds

Meister Scale Warbirds:  All 1/6th and 1/5th Scale Meister Warbirds

IMP Scale Kits:  All 1/6th and 1/5th Scale IMP Warbirds

Ziroli Kits:  All 1/6th and 1/5th Scale Ziroli Warbirds

Don Smith Kits:  All 1/6th and 1/5th Scale Don Smith Warbirds

Jerry Bates Kits:  All 1/6th and 1/5th Scale Jerry Bates Warbirds

The list will go on and on.  But this gives you a good idea so far.