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Random Servo Motion Generator
Random Servo Motion Generator
Our Price: $28.50

The Random Servo Motion Generator (RSMG) is a small board (size of a quarter) that offers a unique solution to pilot animation, scale turret motion or any application where random servo motion is desired for scale effect. The RSMG is capable of randomly commanding one or two servos independently while also being able to be switched on and off through a transmitter channel or being setup completely passively through a y-harness, spare receiver channel or external power source. Three integrated variable resistors allow servo adjustment of the time between motions (frequency), the position window (end points) as well as the servo speed (rate). more info
Servo Operated Head Option
Servo Operated Head Option
Our Price: $39.99


A Servo Operated Head is the way to put your scale warbird pilot above and beyond all the rest. Make your fellow RC Flyers "Turn" their heads when they see your pilot "Turn" his. The servo wire exits the bottom of the figure so it can be directed straight down through the bottom of the seat and into the fuselage of the aircraft.

This option comes fully installed in the figure and is ready to go. You just have to y-harness it to your rudder servo and you are ready to go.

Add this great option to your shopping cart for all the 10" Tall 1/7~1/8 Scale, 12" Tall 1/5~1/6 Scale, 15" Tall 1/4.5~1/4 Scale, and 22" Tall 1/3.5~1/3 Scale Pilot Figures.
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1/5 - 1/6 Civilian RC Pilot Figure Blue Shirt
1/5 - 1/6 Civilian RC Pilot Figure Blue Shirt
Our Price: $84.99

This is a highly detailed 12" Civilian Pilot Figure(Blue Shirt). Designed perfectly as an RC Pilot Figure. This pilot will fit perfectly in your 1/5th and 1/6th Scale Warbirds and planes. All Figures are fully articulating with every joint able to move. They can be put into any position. This Pilot only weigh 5 oz.

- 12" Figure
- Tan Pants and Tan Shirt
- Brown Leather Jacket
- Sunglasses
- Head Set with Microphone
- Black Boots
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